We know it's September when the neighbors start calling and telling me my Shetland sheep are in their yards or their back pastures.  We live on a loop road, and though the back of our place is well fenced (to keep the neighbors cows OUT), the east and west sides of our property is... well, let's call it "less-fenced".  There are swamps (excuse me, ahem, ESTUARIES) on either side of us, and except in September, the water level is high and the sheep don't venture out into the marshy areas.  As tough as my little Shetlands are, they don't like to get their feet wet.  It is, however, the dry month, the ONLY dry month we get, and now the lush green grass in the swamp calls to them, a siren song of luscious sweet forbidden forage.  And we start getting the calls.  Yep, it's September.


It's also a great month to wash and dry wool, with a stiff coastal breeze and plenty of sunshine.  In case you are wondering where all our products derive from, it's from huge heaped stinking steaming piles of freshly sheared wool liberally mixed and smeared with the diarrhea from the nervous sheep.  In case you thought my job was romantic.