'Tis The Season

Whew,  December went by faster than usual, with myriad custom orders to fill, freshly sheared lamb's wool to intake (poor wee lambies!) and it seems we barely got our Holiday decorations and lights up before it's almost time to take them down again.  December is one of my most favorite months, I love the music, the food, and the short days and long winter evenings to play with all the fibers we have garnered and gathered from far and near all summer long.  The unexpected lamb's wool was of such high quality we just had to have it.  And I'm pretty sure those naked lambs had a nice barn to retreat to during our snow and hail flurries, and they've already grown another inch of wool for us since December started.  This is the season for making special foods, listening to wonderful music, and oh how I love driving in the winter evening and seeing the lights.  I didn't get any yarn for Christmas, so, (sigh) I guess I'll have to make my own... out of that luscious natural colored lamb's wool.  I hope the rest of your year (short as it is) is productive, and fun, and satisfying to your psyche!