We've Moved!

Hey, there, I''ve completed the move away from the outlet store on Highway 101, back to the ol' farmstead where the factory has been for 12 years.  We're now at 47993 Floras Lake Loop, one mile south of the big town of Langlois, the first turn to the west as you're coming south.  It's the last turn to the west as you approach Langlois from the south, just before you go across the Floras Creek Bridge on Highway 101.  Right now we're open by appointment only, 541 655-0554  Give me a month to get organized, and there will be things to acquire again from my lovely stash of fuzzy stuff.  I am taking custom orders currently.  Until I can figure out the mechanics of Paypal and my website, it's best just to call with your list of needs.  Thanks for your patience and support!